Santiago Calatrava, a maestro of architectural poetry, intertwines the disciplines of engineering and art to craft structures that defy convention and elevate the human spirit. Born on July 28, 1951, in the artistic crucible of Benimamet, near Valencia, Spain, Calatrava’s journey traverses continents and disciplines, weaving a narrative of innovation and inspiration.

ART PRECEDES SCIENCE. Santiago Calatrava is a visionary architect, a structural engineer, a sculptor, and a painter based in Switzerland. In his architecture he has merged advanced engineering solutions with dramatic visual statements.

Santiago Calatrava's storied four-decade career in architecture will be honored with the Leonardo da Vinci Lifetime Achievement Award for Design as part of the XIV Florence Biennale, which takes place from October 14–22 this year in the Italian cultural capital.

Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava has unveiled the design of the Calatrava Boulevard, a complex offering upmarket restaurants, retail, and office spaces in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Today, world-renowned architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and Greek Orthodox Church officials celebrated the historic reopening of the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine.

The city of Milwaukee has dedicated September 16 to Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava to commemorate the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, completed in 2001.

The inimitable architect sits down with AD to explain his daily routine, philosophy on design, and creative process

Vladimir Belogolovsky talks to Santiago Calatrava about The Aegineten, a series of artworks, 30 years in the making and now on display in the Glyptothek in Munich.

In an exclusive interview, the Spanish architect shares his thoughts on how MAM’s Quadracci Pavilion has become a symbol of the city in just two decades.

The Glyptothek Museum will showcase the first exhibition dedicated to Santiago Calatrava's array of sculptures and paintings inspired by Greek Antiquity. Running from June 21st to October 23rd, "Beyond Hellas: Santiago Calatrava in the Glyptothek" traces the architect's career as a sculptor, highlighting the influence of histories and cultures on Calatrava's design process.