New Exhibition at Glyptothek Museum to Feature Sculptures and Paintings by Santiago Calatrava

Written by Andreea Cutieru

Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava and the Glyptothek Museum

The Glyptothek Museum will showcase the first exhibition dedicated to Santiago Calatrava's array of sculptures and paintings inspired by Greek Antiquity. Running from June 21st to October 23rd, "Beyond Hellas: Santiago Calatrava in the Glyptothek" traces the architect's career as a sculptor, highlighting the influence of histories and cultures on Calatrava's design process.

Curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz and Florian Knauß, director of the Glyptothek, the show focuses on Calatrava's new sculptural series titled "The Aegineten", which was developed by the renowned architect, engineer and sculptor over the last three decades. The collection features 14 wrought iron works that can be described as abstract variations of the ancient warriors of the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina. The works are inspired by Calatrava's first encounter with the marble works from the Late Archaic temple, which features scenes of the Trojan Wars. "When I stood in front of the warriors at the Temple of Aphaia in the Glyptothek, I witnessed an unexpected modernity, and beyond the perfection of classicism," said Santiago Calatrava.

"This exhibition merges the leading pillars of Santiago Calatrava's work. His everlasting interest in the human body, his great admiration for Antiquity and ancient Greece, his works on dynamic equilibria, and his quest for modernity through motion." - Curator Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz


In addition to "The Aegineten." the exhibition features a section of watercolours and studies showcasing Calatrava's interest in nature and the human body, as well as steel and wooden leaf sculptures from his organic period and a selection from the architect's Cyclades marbles series.

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